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Kisko is a place for doers, who appreciate agile ways of working with a strong sense of autonomy and dislike for hierarchies and unnecessary bureaucracy. We are not necessarily the place for you if you do not enjoy the unknown at all, because we live for it, get intrigued by it and find it full of possibilities. We say that the most boring thing is a solved Rubik's cube.

Our team is looking for a “generalist” mobile developer (with emphasis on iOS) to strengthen the mobile front and to give their expertise to versatile projects. As all developers and designers at Kisko, you’d be working as a trusted advisor to our customers.

We are looking to fill the role here in Finland. Relocation is also a possibility. You can choose the best way to work for you, either onsite or remotely. We have team members who prefer working 100% at the office, most people aim to enjoy the office and meeting the team a couple of days a week, but we do also have a couple of people who work mainly remotely.

English is our main company language.

Keywords: Mobile, iOS, Flutter, Swift, Dart, Android, Kotlin

What we do and the team

For the most part we do greenfield projects and build tools for professionals in many different areas of business. The domains vary from health/wellbeing to finance and housing just to name a few. So, it is not just about coding, but exploring technical possibilities together with the customer. We build both native and hybrid apps. One very intriguing project you’ll surely be working on is our pride and joy, Aalto Space (campus navigation app).

The distinguishing thing about Kisko compared to other consultancies is that we do not operate in the CV-selling/body-renting front. Customers do not buy a certain tech from us, nor the people. They come to us for Kisko’s expertise and to help them find digital solutions to their business problems. Many developers choose us because they get to enjoy the learning and versatility that a consultancy like us offers, without being sent out to who knows where.

We are founded and owned by three developers. We are currently about 20 people, looking to gradually grow to 30. The team mainly consists of designers (of whom many are technically oriented with at least some CSS/HTML skills), front-end- (JS/React) and back-end developers (Ruby on Rails). Currently we have one Android-focused mobile developer, Ville, and the iOS development is outsourced to one freelancer. Hence why, you’d ideally be able to take iOS development to your hands but also help Ville with the Android front.

What we wish from you to be able to help our team out

To keep our expectations simple and flexible: You could be already advanced in your career or in the early years and willing to learn. The minimum requirement is that we’d need you to have at least some work experience in mobile/iOS development. Team oriented project work and working in close, direct contact with customers should be a convenient way of working for you. Interest and curiosity to explore PWA and Flutter would also come in handy. Finnish is not required, but English should be fluent.

Additionally, in this work you will need (and further develop) vision and know-how of best practices of how to solve things in the UI. As we work seamlessly with designers, you need to have an eye on how the design at hand would work on the mobile screen. We need to consult and share our knowledge both to the client as well as our teammates to reach our shared goal of delivering great digital product

What your work will include:

  • Maintain and further develop native iOS applications mostly written in Swift. Objective-C also needed but rarely.
  • Maintain and further develop iOS hybrid applications
  • (Optionally) Maintain some Android and Flutter applications
  • (Optionally) Develop new Flutter projects
  • Scrum meetings with your Kisko team
  • Customer communication: Weekly/bi-weekly meetings, Slack
  • Taking time to learn (we aim to spend at least 10% of working time on learning

Why Kisko?

At Kisko you are able to genuinely impact the way we do things. You can leave your mark to our story as we are becoming one of the most prestigious software companies in Finland. We are currently having the best years business wise of all our 15 years, so you’d be joining us in excellent times. We think of business as a marathon and not a sprint. Same goes for our people and we have witnessed great growth stories and long lasting (employment) relationships. We do not have any outside funders which makes us free of any outside demands.

Learning and developing will for sure happen at Kisko, as we continuously explore new domains and ways of building software.

To enjoy working at Kisko, you need to enjoy working with a diverse and inclusive group of people as we are a multinational team from many different backgrounds. We try our best to keep the fun in our work, too, as fun is what brought us to the field in the first place. Community is important to us, and we aim to further elevate the sense of togetherness after corona years. Our idea of fun is not made of balloon pits, but built more on people’s interests, may it be board-games, philosophy, dancing, circus, music, frisbee golf or jiu jitsu - there’s something for everyone.

You work to live and not the other way around: Work-life balance and well-being are crucial factors for us, so no overtime happening at Kisko. We hope Kisko will enhance your overall well-being, not diminish it.

Check out our list of benefits here
You can see some of our references here

Next steps

Send your CV/LinkedIn link and an open form introduction of yourself in Fin or Eng to We’d also appreciate a link to your GitHub. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out either.

We’ll have two discussion rounds with different people from Kisko. First chat is more about getting to know each other. Second one focuses more on tech. You’ll be meeting at least one of the partners as well as your possible future mobile dev buddy Ville.

Anna Martinsen
Anna Martinsen
Chief Happiness Officer at Kisko Labs

9.7.2022 13:01