UI Designer/Developer

We are eager to welcome a UI  Designer with competence to work in front-end development  to join our team of multidisciplinary advisors building custom software to various industries and domains. Your role will be a mixture of UI design and frontend development implementing your own designs. An eye for a good user interface and the ability to code them to life is key. 

What we are in the look for:

  • Solid understanding of web application design principles and browser based UIs
  • 2 years minimum experience working with user interfaces as a part of a development team
  • Ability and eagerness to author HTML5 and CSS based on your own designs and are comfortable and resourceful when facing browser compatibility issues
  • Experience in creating clickable prototypes, preferably in a browser with HTML5 and CSS
  • Understanding of good UX principles
  • Ability to present your ideas and designs directly to the customer fluently in either Finnish or English
  • Experience with modern ui-frameworks (React, Svelte) is seen as a plus

Why Kisko?

At Kisko you are able to have a genuine impact on the way we do things as we are becoming one of the most prestigious software companies in Finland. You’d be joining Kisko in excellent times as we are looking to reach the best year of all time in almost 15  years of our existence. We think of business as a marathon and not a sprint. Same goes for our people and we have witnessed great growth stories and long lasting (employment) relationships.

Learning and developing will for sure happen at Kisko, as we continuously explore new domains and ways of building software. We are a place for doers, who appreciate agile ways of working, with a strong sense of autonomy and dislike for hierarchies and unnecessary bureaucracy. We are not necessarily the place if you do not enjoy the unknown at all for we live for it, get intrigued by it and find it full of possibilities. We say that the most boring thing is a solved rubik's cube.

To enjoy working at Kisko,  you need to enjoy working with a diverse and inclusive group of people as we are a multinational team from many different backgrounds. We try our best to keep the fun in our work, too, as fun is what brought us to the field in the first place. Our idea of fun is not made of balloon pits, but built more on people’s interests, may it be board-games, philosophy, dancing, circus, music, frisbee golf or jiu jitsu -  there’s something for everyone.

You work to live and not the other way around: Work-life balance and well-being are crucial factors for us, so no overtime happening at Kisko. We hope Kisko will enhance your overall well-being, not diminish it.

Check out our list of benefits here
You can see some of our references here

Next steps

Send your CV and greetings in Fin or Eng to contact@kiskolabs.com. If you have a Github link to attach - great!  If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out either.

We’ll have two discussion rounds with the first one being with Happiness Officer Anna and Antti S., our CEO and partner who originally started his path at Kisko from a similar role. Second round will be with your future colleagues. The position will be filled as soon as a suitable person is found.

Anna Martinsen
Anna Martinsen
Chief Happiness Officer at Kisko Labs

18.11.2021 16:39