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The world is a bit of a weird place currently, but there’s a warm fire at Kisko. Come sit by the campfire with us.

If there is a company in Finland that loves Ruby on Rails - it is us. We are the organizers of Ruby Brigade and have held the largest Ruby conference in Finland, Frozen Rails. We were also the organisers of European Ruby Conference (EuRuKo) 2021. In addition, we held the first Rails Girls workshop in the world. Even our name – Kisko – refers to Rails.

The story of why we are hiring…

We currently have ten Rails developers in the team and as we are growing steadily, the team would benefit from a bit more strength and flexibility in the back-end. We are living exciting times; saleswise the last couple of years have been is the best in our 15 year long history, and we are constantly receiving more and more interesting leads on new projects. Safe to say that there’s more than plenty to hustle with and we welcome new eyes and skills to the team with welcoming arms. 

Overall we have experienced that these times need more digital solutions - not less :)

What we do and where we’re at

To break it down, we do consultancy in a multi-project environment. BUT the big differentiating factor is that we are not in the body-renting business; you’ll be working with us and not at the clients.

For the most part we do greenfield projects and build tools for professionals in many different areas of business from health and wellbeing to accommodation and student housing apps, learning material apps for schools, banking and forest industry etc. So, it is not just about coding, but exploring technical possibilities together with the customer.  All our advisors work in close contact with the customer, helping them navigate the digital world. We build web, native and hybrid apps. You can check more of our references here. As a group of currently 20 people, our project sizes vary a bit, with team size varying between 2-5 people and the development of the first release usually spanning between 2–5 months. Naturally the teams continue iterating the services they developed afterwards as well.

We identify ourselves “hackers and hustlers”: We don’t believe in hierarchies or bureaucracy. One reason Kisko was established is because the founder has a profound dislike of the aforementioned and useless meetings.  Instead, we believe in teams, autonomy and making things work and testing the viability of ideas fast. At Kisko everyone is encouraged to bring all sorts of things to the table and further develop the way we do things. 

Main tech stack:

Backend: Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, REST

Frontend: React, GraphQL, Redux

DevOps: Heroku, AWS Fargate, Docker

What we are looking for

Basically, if you have experience in Rails and building apps, that’s already a solid foundation for possible co-op and a definite reason to get to know each other.

Additionally, experience in implementing backend services with a well-designed REST (or GraphQL) API will be needed to succeed. There is also plenty to work with and ability to have an impact in DevOps if that side at all tickles your fancy. The role and it’s responsibilities can be together crafted to fit your interests and know-how.

Here are some benefits of working with us:

  • No to body renting. You’ll be working here or there with us.
  • Remote work - of course. But also a nice office that recently went through a facelift.
  • Easily accessible location in Sörnäinen in an old hat factory.
  • Great, diverse and laid-back teammates, no dick-heads.
  • Yearly bonus from company profit.
  • English speaking environment.
  • Lots of freedom and responsibility and a genuine ability to impact the whole company and team in various ways.
  • Great environment for personal and professional growth.
  • 15 years of experience in building apps.
  • All of Kisko’s founders and partners are coders themselves.
  • Those who sell have worked with apps and they know what they’re doing No junk will be piled to your desk.
  • Small but stably growing team of currently 20 people.
  • The whole company was initially founded on the value of being a good place to work, “to make people happy”. It shows. There’s heart in this business and in these people.
  • And of course there’s massages, crossfit membership, many inventive get togethers, additional, wide health insurance covering also free time activities and many more fun factors. steps:

We’d be more than happy to hear from you (in Finnish or English). You can send your CV/LinkedIn link/portfolio - the style is free - to the email below with a little something about what you are especially interested in right now and about who you are. Do not hesitate to reach out to Kisko’s Anna in case of any further questions.

Our recruitment process includes 2-3 meets with various Kisko people. Period.
+358 45 314 7715
- Anna 

Anna Martinsen
Anna Martinsen
Chief Happiness Officer at Kisko Labs

14.1.2022 13:27